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Clérigos Church

Spiritus - The best way to travel is to feel is an innovative multimedia show that transcends the walls of the Igreja dos Clérigos, in the city of Porto.

This immersive experience explores music, light, energy and color, creating an atmosphere of visual poetry, synchrony and lightness that fills the entire architecture of Igreja dos Clérigos.

Created by OCUBO and freely inspired by the poem “After all, the best way to travel is to feel” by Álvaro de Campos, Spiritus awakens the imagination, spirituality and mindfulness of each viewer.

“After all, the best way to travel is to feel.
Feel all of it all the ways.
feel everything excessively
'Cause all things are indeed excessive
And all reality is an excess, a violence,
An extraordinarily vivid hallucination
That we all live in common with the fury of souls,
The center towards which the strange centrifugal forces tend
Which are the human psyches in their agreement of senses.
The more I feel, the more I feel like various people,
The more personalities I have,
The more intensely, stridently you have them,
The more simultaneously you feel with all of them,
The more unified diverse, dispersely attentive,
To be, to feel, to live, for,
But I will possess the entire existence of the universe,
More complete I will be throughout the entire space,
I will be more analogous to God, whoever he is,
'Cause whoever he is, he's sure to be Everything,
And outside of EIe there is only EIe, and everything for Him is little.”

Excerpt from the poem “After all, the best way to travel is to feel.” by Álvaro de Campos, one of the best known heteronyms of the Portuguese writer and poet Fernando Pessoa.


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